what is a business visa

What is a Business Visa?

If you are a third-country national, the Business Visa allows you to enter in Italy for a short-term stay, in order to travel for commercial or economic reasons, for contracts or negotiations, to learn or to verify the use and functions of goods purchased or sold through commercial contracts. This kind of Visa can also be issued for people who travel with you, as witnesses of your business activity.

Which documents do I need to apply?

To obtain your Business Visa, you need to submit supporting documents to prove:

  • your condition as a commercial and economic worker: in this case you need to demonstrate a link between the purpose of your business stay and your commercial, economic or professional activity;
  • the purpose of your stay: you need to submit documents to justify the link between your stay and the implementation of your economic and commercial interest;
  • the possession of sufficient means of substance;
  • a proof of your accommodation;
  • a health insurance;
  • an Invitation letter from a company or a physical person or public authority to take part to commercial or professional events;
  • supporting documents in order to verify your will to leave the Schengen before the Visa expiry, to prove that there is not a migratory risk.