The new Italian Decreto Rilancio of May 2020 provides for a new regularization for the irregulars foreign workers in order for them to obtain an Italian residence permit. This permit will be addressed to two different categories of workers who live irregularly on the Italian territory:

  • Irregular foreigners having an employer who would like to hire them or to regularize the work relationship already existing;
  • Foreigners with a residence permit expired on 31 October 2019, not renewed or converted into another residence permit, who may apply for a temporary residence permit, valid only in the national territory, for a period of six months from the submission of the application. This permit will be convertible into a residence permit for work.

The application for the requests of the temporary residence permit will be possible from the 1st of June until the 15th of July 2020.

The regularization will be possible in the following sectors:

  • agriculture, animal husbandry and breeding, fisheries and aquaculture and related activities;
  • assistance to the person for themselves or for members of their family;
  • domestic work to support family needs.

In this section you can have access to our professional advice and assistance regarding the procedures and requirements to benefit of the regularization, by filling in the questionnaire that concerns you, whether you are a company or an irregular foreigner. We will contact you immediately and offer you a first free consultation.

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