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Who can lose citizenship according to the applicable legislation presently in force?

According to the law on Italian citizenship in force as of 16/8/1992, an Italian national can lose Italian citizenship by choice or as a result of a punitive measure.

A) The loss of Italian citizenship by choice

This type of Italian citizenship loss occurs under three cumulative conditions:

  1. One has or acquires foreign citizenship,
  2. One has established residency abroad,
  3. One has spontaneously and explicitly foregone Italian citizenship.

B) The loss of Italian citizenship as a result of a punitive measure

  • 1st scenario: one has been employed by a foreign State or entity or by an international organisation of which Italy is not a member, and has not ended the post upon order of the Italian State.
  • 2nd scenario: in the context of an ongoing war with a foreign State, one has covered a public post for the enemy State, has spontaneously gained its citizenship or has spontaneously performed military service for that State.
  • 3rd scenario: the person who had gained Italian citizenship due to his/her adoption by an Italian parent has been subjected to the revocation of the adoption as a result of his/her behaviour.

Who could lose Italian citizenship based on the previous legislation, applicable up until 15/08/1992?

Up until 15/8/1992, an Italian national would lose citizenship,

  • by simply acquiring foreign citizenship through an act of choice (so-called naturalisation) and by having established residency abroad;
  • or by acquiring foreign citizenship without will, by explicitly foregoing Italian citizenship and by having established residency abroad;
  • or by having continued to perform military service or work activities for a foreign State despite the command of the Italian State to resign from the post;
  • or because of marriage with a foreign man by an Italian woman.

Is it possible to regain Italian citizenship after having lost it?

Yes, under certain conditions it is often possible to regain Italian Citizenship

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