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How to get italian citizenship through marriage

This type of citizenship application is conceived for foreign nationals who are married to an Italian citizen or who hava a same-sex registered union or marriage with an Italian citizen.

To obtain Italian citizenship through marriage, you’ll need to meet certain requirements and go through a process of applying and providing documentation to the Italian authorities.

Steps to obtain a citizenship through marriage

  1. Collection of the relevant documentation;
  2. Submission of the application through the ad-hoc web portal of the Ministry of the Interior;
  3.  The applicant is summoned to the competent ‘Prefettura’ or Consulate abroad, depending on the applicant’s place of residence, to submit the original documentation supporting their application;
  4. Issuance of the Decree recognizing the Italian citizenship;
  5. Submission of additional documentation to demonstrate the maintenance of the requirements (e.g., updated certificate of marriage; updated criminal record of the place of residency);
  6. The applicant is summoned to take a loyalty oath give to the Italian Republic and its laws (within 6 months from the Decree).
  7. The applicant’s birth certificate is registered at the competent Italian Municipality together with the documentation attesting that the applicant has taken the loyalty oath.

Italian citizenship by marriage processing time

The legal deadline for the conclusion of the citizenship procedure is 36 months from the day of application.

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