Who is eligible to apply for a Permanent (also called “Long Term”) residence permit (also called ‘permanent’)?

The Long-Term residence permit is specifically conceived for non-EU nationals who have been legally residing in Italy for 5 continuous years and intend to extend their stay in Italy for an undetermined period of time.
It is to be noted that also family members of the main applicant can apply for the Long-Term residence permit.

Main requirements to apply for the Permanent residence permit

• the applicant has legally and continuously resided in Italy for at least 5 years. Note that the requested period of time is not considered continuous if the applicant has been away from the Italian territory for more than 10 months within the 5-years period or for 6 months continuously;
• the applicant has registered their residency address at the competent Municipality at least since the beginning of the 5-years period;
• the applicant does not hold an Italian Student residence permit, nor a residence permit for humanitarian protection, for temporary protection or for expected international protection (the latter permit is issued to those who are not asylum or subsidiary protection beneficiaries yet while their application is pending);
• the applicant has a yearly income declared in Italy not less than the annual social allowance (approximately 6,000.00 euros for 2020). The minimum income is increased, and proof of suitable accommodation is requested, in case of family members applying for the Long-Term residence permit together with the main applicant;
• the applicant should have a valid certificate of knowledge of Italian language, level A2 at least.

Main Procedural Steps

1. Submission of the application for the residence permit addressed to the competent Police headquarter;
2. Registration of the applicant’s fingerprints at the competent Police headquarter;
3. Issuance of Long-Term residence permit.

Validity of the Permanent residence permit

The Long-Term residence permit (permesso di soggiorno per soggiornanti di lungo periodo) is subjected to a simple renewal application every 10 years.
The applicant can renew the residence permit on their own or be assisted by us.
With this residence permit, the non-EU national can work in Italy, access health and all other social services and travel within the Schengen area for up to three months every semester.