What is the conversion of the study permit within the quota mechanism?

The conversion allows holders of an Italian study residence permit to obtain a work permit, provided the availability of an available quota for the conversion. The number of quotas is yearly established by the Italian Government with the Flow Decree, which is published every year.

Who can apply for the conversion?

Holders of a long-term study permit for Italy, which have not yet finished their study courses in Italy nor they have obtained an Italian University degree.

Which benefits does it have?

The conversion allows the applicant to continue his studies in Italy while performing working activities without limits of time.

In fact, the holder of a study permit is allowed to work only for a limited period of time, corresponding to 20 hours per week (1.040 hours per year).

Moreover, the holder of a work permit is also eligible to obtain the permanent residence card, after five years of continuous legal residence in Italy, starting from the date in which they have obtained their work permit.

How can I apply for it?

The request of conversion must be submitted to the competent Immigration Desk, which will issue the authorization for the conversion upon verification of an available quota.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to apply for the conversion, the necessary documents are the following:

  • A valid residence permit for study reasons, or if the holder has already applied for the renewal, copy of the postal receipt (Assicurata);
  • Valid passport;
  • Proof of a suitable accommodation in Italy;
  • In case the applicant will perform self-employment activity:
    1. Registration to the competent professional association, if any;
    2. Certificate of Non-Impediment (Nulla Osta) for the exercise of the working activity, to be issued by the competent Chambers of Commerce;
    3. Certification of attribution of the VAT number;
    4. Certification of financial parameters, indicating the availability of the minimum financial resources required for the conduct of the specific working activity;
    5. Inscription to the National Social Welfare Institution (INPS).
  • If the applicant intends to perform employment activity:
    1. Declaration by the employer stating the willingness to hire the applicant;
    2. Copy of the identity document of the employer;
    3. Last tax return presented by the employer;
    4. Certificate of Incorporation of the Chambers of Commerce (Visura camerale) of the employer, if the work contract is not for domestic working activities.

How can I apply for the Electronic Residence Permit, once I have got my work permit?

Once the Immigration Desk will have fixed an appointment for the signing of your residence contract, you will need to send your request of conversion with a postal kit at a Post office.

The competent desk will issue a receipt with the data of the first appointment to the competent police Headquarters, for your personal appearance and the fingerprints. After this appointment, the police headquarters will contact you for the withdraw of your electronic permit card.

How long will my first Residence Permit be valid?

It will have a maximum validity of 1 year, if your employment contract is open-ended based. Otherwise it has the same validity period of your fix-term contract.

Can I renew my Residence Permit?

Yes, you can for five years. Then you can ask for your permanent residency card.

How can I renew my residence permit and which documents do I need to apply?

You can renew your permit by filling the related postal-kit to the post office.

Together with the postal kit, you will also need to submit the following documents:

  • Postal-kit duly fulfilled;
  • Copy of the whole passport;
  • Copy of the old permit;
  • Copy of the contract duly signed by the parties.

In order to renew your permit, you must not leave Italy for more than six months continuously.

How can I apply for a permanent Residence Permit?

As for the current law provisions, after 5 years of legal stay in Italy, you can request a permanent residence permit (i.e. EC residence permit for long term residents).

The permanent residence permit has no expiry date, it must not be renewed but only updated. It assigns the third-country nationals the right to enter Italy without a visa, and it is not related to any investment or donation made in the past. You can apply for the permanent resident permit if you are a third-country national who:

  • are legally staying in Italy for at least 5 years;
  • are holder of a valid temporary residence permit;
  • have an annual income from legitimate sources equal, at least, to the amount established yearly by governmental authorities (€ 5.977,79 for 2020);
  • pass an Italian language test for a minimum level of A2.