ICLG Corporate Immigration Laws 2022-2023 in Italy

The immigration team of LEXIA Avvocati developed for ICLG – International Comparative Legal Guides (by Global Legal Group) – a new guide about “Corporate Immigration Laws and Regulations 2022-2023” in Italy.

In the guide you can find up-to-date legal information on the current Italian situation regarding Immigration laws and regulations. Read the guide here.


The guide provides an important introduction on how immigration is regulated in Italy, which decrees are in place and which jurisdiction authorities administrate the immigration system. It is important to mention that Italy is part of the Schengen Convention on Free Movement. This allows people from countries part of Schengen area to move freely without the need of a visa.

Business Visa

For non-Schengen citizens (you can check the excluded countries here) who intend to enter Italy for business reasons, a business visa is required.

The Business Visa is a type of visa designed for those who need to visit Italy for business or commercial purposes, such as: conducting negotiations or advisory and cooperative activities with companies and clients, as well as for representative purposes.

In the guide you can find more information about its validity, time period and the activities that a visitor can undertake under certain circumstances.

Immigration Compliance and Illegal Working

The guide provides an overview of the rules to prevent illegal working in Italy and the penalties for foreign nationals working without a permit. Furthermore, it outlines the authorities that monitor the irregular employment of non-EU workers and how the procedures work.

Corporate Immigration

A section of the guide is dedicated to obligations for companies that hire foreign nationals: duties, special exemptions, annual quotas, obligations and other related – topics such as National Health Service access and smart working policies.

Non-Sponsored Highly Skilled, Exceptional or Extraordinary Talent Visas

In Italy certain type of professionals are not subject to the quantitative limitations imposed by the Decreto Flussi, in this category we find professionals with specific and exceptional talents. Among them we have Lecturers, artists, dancers, translators. Check here the full list.

Remote Working Visas

Digital nomads are a new category of working people that has recently seen a great diffusion, especially after the 2020 pandemic. Discover more about the topic here.

Investment, Establishment, Temporary, new hire and Intra-Company Transfer work permits

Immigration to Italy for labor purposes is subject to different regulations depending on the activity workers have to carry on.

Is it possible to move to Italy either for investment purposes, such as to open a start-up (in this case there is the start-up visa) or to temporarily work in Italy in a branch, representative office of a foreign company or due to an intra-company transfer among an international group of companies (intra company visa). Whereas, the EU Blue Card can be the choice for highly specialized who need to carry out short-term temporary work in an Italian company or who qualify as new employees.

Download the guide for more info on validity periods, duration, requirements and steps.

Conditions of Stay for Work Permit Holders and for obtaining a permanent residence

Non-EU citizens must submit a request to the registry office of the municipality of residence after three months from the day of entry. In any case, the permit can be revoked due to lack of requirements. For more details consult the guide.


In the guide are reported the list of family members authorized for family reunification.

Barriers to Admission

These kinds of processes can be insidious for foreign nationals who do not have a full understanding of Italian labor and immigration laws. Moreover, starting an immigration process means to deal with many Italian offices and, as the bureaucracy of the public administration in Italy is still not fully digitalized, not knowing procedures and entities involved can lead to delays and step backs. For this reason, it is always preferable to rely on experienced professionals specialized in Italian immigration law.

About the Guide

GLG is an independent media company specialized in the legal and strategic areas of business. Every year, with the ICLG series, it collects international legal publications on different topics from the world’s leading law firms. The aim is to create a cross border network of legal information, spreading knowledge and expertise worldwide. All content is available for research and comparison. Lexia Avvocati every year collaborates with GLG in providing up to date legal contents related to the Italian market.

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