Who is eligible to apply for a visa and residence permit for domestic work?

This visa is specifically conceived for family employees who have regularly worked abroad for at least one year on full-time domestic work contracts with Italian or EU citizens resident abroad and who intend to move to Italy for the continuation of their employment. This type of application is not subject to any numerical limitations and can be submitted at any time in the year.

Main requirements to apply for a visa and residence permit for domestic work

  • The foreign worker and the Italian or EU employer should have had a working relationship of at least 1 year abroad, where they have resided;
  • The EU or foreign employer has legally resided abroad;
  • The EU or foreign employer moved their residency to Italy;
  • The worker should be provided with suitable accommodation in Italy. (The employer should provide the worker with suitable accommodation in Italy).

Main Procedural Steps

  1. Applying for and collecting the ‘Nulla Osta’ (Certificate of No Impediment) issued by the competent Immigration Desk;
  2. Filing the visa application at the Italian Consulate of the applicant’s place of residency;
  3. Entry in Italy and application for the residence permit at the competent Police headquarter within 8 days;
  4. Registration of the worker’s Fingerprints at the competent Police headquarter;
  5. Issuance of the Residence Permit.

Validity of the residence permit for domestic work

The residence permit has the duration of the job offer communicated by the employer. However, its validity can never exceed 2 years.
The residence permit is renewable under the same substantive conditions for its first issuance as long as the foreign national is never absent from the Italian territory for longer than 6 continuous months.
The applicant can renew the residence permit on their own or be assisted by us.
After 5 years of continuous registered legal residency in Italy, the applicant would be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.

Time Frame

The average time frame to obtain the visa is approximately 2 months as of the date the applicant provides us with all relevant information and documentation. Once the applicant obtains the visa, they can travel to Italy, apply for the residence permit and reside there legally