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What is the Elective Residency Visa?

The Elective Residency Visa allows to a third-country national who is able to maintain itself autonomously, to stay in Italy without work.

Who can apply for it?

A third-country national who has a regular personal income that derives from retirement or annuity, real estate properties, the ownership of stable commercial economic activities or other economic resources different from the employment. In any of these cases, the resources must not be less of € 31.159,29 per year.

Which benefits does it have?

This kind of visa can be issued also for family members such as cohabiting spouse, minor children and adult dependent children. However, the abovementioned financial resources must be considered sufficient also for them. In particular, in case of application also for cohabiting spouse the monthly amount to be demonstrated must be increased of at least 20%. This increase must be of at least 5% for each applicant child.

How can I apply for it?

The application must be submitted to the competent Italian diplomatic authority in your Country of residence. In order to do it, you should take an appointment and be present in person.

Which documents do I need to apply?

The listed documents must be submitted the day of the appointment, in order to apply for the Elective Residency Visa:

  • Application form, duly filled;
  • Recent photo in card format;
  • Valid travel document expiring at least three months longer than the required visa;
  • Certification stating broad, autonomous, stable and regular economic resources, whose continuity over time can be reasonably assumed, coming from sources other than subordinate work. In order to demonstrate these stable resources, you can produce:
    • proof of receiving annuities in Italy or in the Country of origin;
    • proof of purchase of real estate or preliminary sale contract;
    • proof of ownership of real estate in the Country of origin;
    • proof of receiving annuities in the Country of origin;
    • proof of the conclusion of a real estate affair that states the actual possibility of earning income
  • Health insurance with a minimum coverage of € 30.000,00 for emergency hospitalization expenses and repatriation costs, valid throughout the Schengen area;
  • Availability of an accommodation to be elected for residence, such as property or rented with a contract already signed.

Please consider that this kind of long-term visa is in any case remitted to the discretion of the different consular representations, in relation to the quantum of the attested resources and their presumable stay in the future.

How can I apply to the Electronic Residence Permit, once I have got my Elective Residency Visa?

You must request the release of the corresponding electronic residence permit within 8 days from your entrance in Italy with your yearly multiple entrance Visa for Elective Residence, presenting yourself in person to the competent post-office.

In that occasion you must have:

  • an identity card;
  • the completed postal-kit with the payment of tax issuance;
  • a copy of your Visa;
  • the whole passport.

The competent desk will issue a receipt with the data of the first appointment to the competent police Headquarters, for your personal appearance and the fingerprints. After this appointment, the police headquarters will contact you for the withdraw of your electronic permit card.

The residence permit issued after obtaining the visa for elective residence does not allow you to work in Italy, but it can be converted into a residence permit for other reasons directly in Italy, if the conditions are met.

How long will my first Residence Permit be valid?

The residence permit is valid for one year.

Can I renew my Residence Permit?

Yes, you can. Please consider that, in order to do so the same above-mentioned conditions have to be met.

How many times I need to renew my permit before applying for the Italian Permanent Residence Permit?

You can apply for your EC long-term residence permit after 5 years of continuous residence in Italy, without considering your long term stay permit and its conversion, if any.

How can I apply for a permanent Residence Permit?

As for the current law provisions, after 5 years of legal stay in Italy, you can request a permanent residence permit (i.e. EC residence permit for long term residents).

The permanent residence permit has no expiry date, it must not be renewed but only updated. It assigns the third-country nationals the right to enter Italy without a visa, and it is not related to any investment or donation made in the past. You can apply for the permanent resident permit if you are a third-country national who:

  • are legally staying in Italy for at least 5 years;
  • are holder of a valid temporary residence permit;
  • have an annual income from legitimate sources equal, at least, to the amount established yearly by governmental authorities (€ 5.889,00 for 2018);
  • pass an Italian language test.