What is an Extra-Quota Employment visa?

As a general rule, employment visas are issued by the competent Italian Consulates abroad up to the consumption of a maximum fixed number of visas established every year by the so-called Flow Decree (‘Decreto Flussi’). However, certain types of professional profiles are not limited by this quantitative restriction. See the following section for more information on the professional profiles who can access Out-Quota visas in order to work as employees in Italy.

Who is eligible to apply for an Out-Quota Work visa and residence permit?

• Lecturers and professors of foreign universities who have to carry out academic or teaching activities in Italy;
• Translators and interpreters;
• Employees of foreign companies or organisations carrying out activities in Italy, when the employer tasks the employee with work activities to be performed in Italy for a certain period of time;
• Employees of foreign companies to be embarked on Italian cruises to perform work activities based on a service agreement with the Italian company or natural person owning or managing the ship;
• Artists and technicians to be employed to perform operas, theatre shows, music and dance events;
• Dancers, artists and musicians to be employed at bars, clubs or other entertainment venues;
• Artists to be employed by companies or other private or public entities (active in the field of cinema, music, theatre, radio or television) to carry out cultural or folkloristic events;
• Employees of a circus performing in Italy;
• Professional athletes who intend to perform paid professional sports activities for an Italian sports club affiliated to the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI);
• Journalists employed by a foreign press organisation, a radio broadcaster or a tv network, as long as the journalist is accredited in Italy;
• Au pairs or other people who take part in exchange programmes (established by an international agreement valid in Italy) to work part-time in Italy;
• Nurses to be employed in Italian private or public health facilities or hospitals.

Main Procedural Steps

1. Applying for and collecting the ‘Nulla Osta’ (Security Clearance);
2. Visa application at the Italian Consulate of the applicant’s place of residency;
3. Entry in Italy and application for the residence permit at the competent Police headquarter within 8 days;

Validity of the residence permit

The duration of the residence permit depends on the duration of the employment activities to be performed in Italy. It has a maximum duration of 2 years, and it is renewable.
After 5 years of continuous registered legal residency in Italy, the applicant can apply for a long-term residence permit.

Time Frame

The expected time frame to obtain the Out-Quota work visa is approximately 2 months from the application. Once the applicant obtains the visa, they can travel to Italy, apply for the residence permit, work and reside there legally.

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