SPID (Public Digital Identity System) is a digital authentication system consisting of a pair of credentials (username and password), which are strictly personal, allowing access to the websites and apps of the Italian Public Administration and of participating private entities. As of 28 February 2021, all online services provided by the Public Administration will be accessible through this method of accreditation.

To activate it, all you need is to be 18 years old and in possession of a valid identity document.

If you are a foreign citizen resident in Italy with a valid residence permit, you will need a personal e-mail address, a telephone number (Italian or foreign), your health card with your tax code and an Italian identity document (e.g., identity card).

There are different identity providers where you can activate your SPID. You can find the complete list of providers on the government website: www.spid.gov.it. Activation can be free (e.g. with Poste Italiane) or upon payment.

The advantages of SPID are many: first of all, the ease of use from any device whenever you request access via SPID on a service site or app.

For example, the Ministry of the Interior’s portal nullaostaallavoro.dlc.interno.it, which is dedicated to the requests for Secuirty Clereances to work in Italy and  for the conversion of residence permits, requires user identification via SPID, as does the new ALI portal for the requests for Italian citizenship.

Moreover, with SPID you can access your electronic health record from which you can request medical services, but also direct access to institutions such as INPS, Agenzia delle Entrate (from which to fill in and send your digital 730) and apps such as IO (to participate in initiatives such as Cashback or through which to request special bonuses).


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