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This section includes an overview of the main types of Visa that allow foreign nationals to enter Italy and reside therein long-term or permanently by obtaining a residence permit, with a special focus on workers, entrepreneurs, investors, retirees and wealthy people who wish to reside in Italy without working.

In Quota and Extra quota Visas

Long term visas (and their respective residence permit) can be divided into two main categories: ‘in quota’ and ‘extra quota’ visas.

‘In quota’ visas are subjected to a quantitative limitation: every year, the Italian Government decides how many visas can be issued for each type of these visas through the so-called Flow Decree (‘decreto flussi’). This means that if the visa applicant applies for the Visa when the quota is already entirely consumed, his application will be turned down.

‘Extra quota’ visas, on the contrary, are not subjected to any quantitative limitation. Therefore, if the applicant meets all the substantive requirements to obtain this Visa, he/she will obtain it.

Lexia provides counselling and legal assistance to identify the most suitable and convenient type of Visa based on the applicant’s personal and professional profile.

Moreover, we offer comprehensive assistance, which includes not only advice on immigration aspects but also tax, labour and corporate counselling, in order to grant our clients complete solutions as to their experience of life and business in Italy.

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