What is the the Integration Agreement ?

As a holder of an Italian Residency Permit, you must also comply with the terms of the Integration Agreement.

All foreign nationals older than 16 years old who apply for a Visa and a residency permit in Italy for a minimum duration of 1 year for the first time have to sign an integration agreement with the ‘Prefettura’ (Provincial office of the Ministry of Interior) or the Police Headquarters.

Through this agreement, on the one hand, the State grants the foreign nationals access to fundamental rights; on the other hand, the foreign national has to demonstrate the ability to learn the fundamentals of the Italian language and of the Italian Constitution and, therefore, to pursue a path a full cultural integration in the Italian society.

How does the foreign national immigrated to Italy can fulfill the the Integration agreement ?

More specifically, by signing the integration agreement, the foreign national agrees on:
1) acquiring adequate knowledge of spoken Italian language by reaching, at least, A2 level;
2) acquiring knowledge of the Italian society, fundamental Constitutional values and main civil duties.
3) guaranteeing access to mandatory education to your minor children living in Italy under your care, if any.

In practice, the integration agreement is considered fulfilled by the foreign national if he/she manages to collect at least 30 credits within maximum 3 years from the signature of the agreement.

What are the consequences of not fulfilling the Integration agreement?

The total loss of credits entails the revocation of the residence permit and the expulsion of the foreign national from the territory of the State.

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