How can I get the Italian residence as Eu citizen?

As an EU citizen, you do not have to apply for a Visa in order to enter in Italy, nor you need to request an Italian residence permit to stay and live on the Italian territory. Indeed, for stays longer than 3 months, you will just need to register your Italian residence to an Italian Municipality in the city you intend to reside.

Which are the necessary documents in order to register my Italian residence?

In order to register your Italian residence, you will need to produce the following documents:

  • An Italian fiscal code;
  • Proof of a suitable accommodation in Italy;
  • Proof of the availability of sufficient economic means of substance.

How can I register my Italian residence?

The registration must be requested to the Italian Municipality of the city in which you intend to reside. A public officer will then visit your selected place of residence in order to check the effectiveness and correctness of the address of residence declared by the applicant. Upon this successful verification, the Municipality will issue your certification of residence.

Are there any other obligations to be fulfilled once my residence has been registered?

If you want to benefit from the national health care system, as EU citizen staying on the Italian territory for a period exceeding 3 months, you may apply for the mandatory registration (if you perform working activities in Italy) or the voluntary registration to the health care system in order to obtain an Italian insurance card.

In order to apply, you will need the following documents:

  • Certification of Italian residence;
  • Italian fiscal code;
  • Copy of the payment of the annual lump-sum contribution to be paid to the national health care system (only in case of voluntary registration).

The insurance card will have a maximum validity of 1 solar year, renewable.

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