Subjective requirements

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old, or have a written parental consent if younger;
  • Both partners have to be single, legally divorced or widowed;
  • In case the woman divorced less than 300 days before the wedding, she’s required to provide a non-pregnancy certificate to the local court;
  • Both parties must be of sound mind and legally capable of entering into marriage or civil union as per Italian applicable provisions and the legal framework of the countries of origin of the 2 partners (e.g. second or third marriage is not allowed);
  • Both parties mustn’t be relatives, even if through adoption.

Main Procedural Steps

  1. Applying for and collecting the “Nulla Osta” (Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage) issued by the foreigner’s home country, confirming that there are no legal impediments to the marriage (such as another marriage). This document must be translated into Italian and legalized or apostilled;
  2. A declaration of intention to marry or be civilly united (for gay couples) submitted to the civil register;
  3. Submission of all relevant documents to the local town hall (Comune) where the marriage or the civil union will take place;
  4. Schedule the marriage or civil union ceremony with the town hall or religious authority.

Time Frame

The expected time frame to collect the “nulla osta” (Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage) and arrange the marriage or civil union usually varies between 3 to 6 months. Please be aware that the time required to process your application may vary considerably depending on your country of origin.

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