By the publication of new Law Decree n. 9/ 2nd of March 2020 referring to the emergency support measures for families, workers and enterprises related to the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19, published in the Official Journal the 2nd of March, all the first issuance and renewal of the residence permits are suspended until the beginning of April, in order to allow full use of State Police personnel. A provision which has become necessary to enable the State Police forces to devote themselves to other more urgent and necessary tasks.

In particular, Article 9 of the DL provides that “in order to allow the full use of State Police personnel, the following term are suspended for a period of thirty days:

a) the deadlines for the conclusion of administrative procedures relating to the issuance of authorizations, even thought they remain within the competence of the Ministry of the Interior and the provincial and local public security authorities with regard to the […] residence of foreigners […];

b) the terms for the presentation of the request for the first issuance and renewal of the residence permit which consist, respectively, in eight working days from the entry of the foreigner into the territory of the State and in at least sixty days before the expiration of the permit, or in the sixty days following its expiration, according to Art. 5, para 2 and 4, and Art. 13, para 2, letter b), of the Law Decree, 25th July, 1998, No. 286”.

The following activities on the residence permits procedures are suspended:
1. Deadlines for the closure or termination of administrative work for the issuance of the residence permit: it means that usual timing provided for the administration to issue the electronic residence permits will be suspended for 30 days.
2. Deadlines for the submission of the first application for a residence permit: it means that the deadline of 8 days, within which a foreign citizen who has arrived in Italy must submit the application for his residence permit, is suspended for 30 days.
3. Deadlines for submitting the application for renewal of the residence permit: usually this type of application is made from 60 days before the expiry date until 60 days after the expiry date. This time period will be suspended by 30 days. As a result, if you are not be able to apply for renewal of your residence permit within these 60 days, you will be able to do so after this 30-day suspension.

The new provision gives the Police Headquarters the right to ask for the massive postponement of the convocations provided for the photo signalling and photo data surveys and the withdrawal of the residence permit, through a procedure agreed by the Ministry with Poste Italiane.
The maximum period of postponement of convocations is 4 weeks. The foreign citizen will be informed of the postponement of the appointment and the date of the next one by means of a text message sent by the Post Office. The circular also applies to applications for international protection.