• Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the known facts and available documentation in relation to Your family bloodline;
  • Conduct a comprehensive study of the relevant legislation on Italian citizenship and of the applicable American legislation;
  • Identify the missing documentation;
  • Drawing up a ‘due diligence report’ on the citizenship eligibility;
  • Guidance on applying the correct procedures to obtain the apostille and the necessary certified translation of all non-Italian
    documents required for the citizenship application;
  • Participating in meeting and conference calls with the Clients if needed;
  • Assist you to solve any practical or legal issue that may arise during the preparation of the necessary documentation and of the
  • Drawing up the petition for Italian citizenship for you;
  • Drawing up the necessary power of attorney to file the petition as your attorney;
  • Filing the citizenship petition;
  • Attending the Tribunal hearing when summoned to Court on your behalf and submitting of all necessary original
  • Guide you through the final incumbencies to be acknowledged as Italian citizens.