The re-entry visa allows foreigners with a valid residence permit or card to enter Italy in order to continue their stay, but which has expired, or foreigners with a valid residence permit who do not have a valid document, for example because it has been lost or stolen, and who wish to return to Italy.

The requirements and conditions for obtaining a re-entry visa are established by Art. 8 of Presidential Decree n. 394/1999, and subsequent modifications and integrations.

In particular, the re-entry visa is granted in favour of foreign citizens whose residence permit is:
a) expired no more than 60 days ago – to be extended up to six months in the case of proven serious health reasons for the foreign national, his/her first-degree relatives or spouse – and whose renewal was requested within the deadline. In such cases, no authorisation is required from the Police Headquarters;
b) which has expired more than 60 days ago – without time limits – and for which renewal has been requested within the time limits, if he/she has left the national territory to fulfil his/her military obligations. Only if the document has been expired for more than 6 months the entry visa will be granted only upon the issuing of the Security Clereance by the competent Italian Questura.

In addition, a re-entry visa is also issued to a foreign national whose residence permit expired no more than 60 days previously and whose renewal was not requested within the deadline, always subject to authorisation by the competent Questura.


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