Who can obtain registration of residency in Italy?

Any foreign national legally residing in Italy, likewise Italian citizens can register their address of stable residency at the competent Municipality.
Registering residency can serve several purposes, allow foreign nationals to access many public services and ease their social integration in Italy.

For instance, registering residency is a prerequisite for:
• Applying for a long-term residence permit after 5 years of continuous registered residency;
• Applying for citizenship after 10 years of continuous registered residency;
• Accessing social and welfare services and benefits delivered by the Municipality of residency;
• Obtaining an Italian identity card;
• Obtaining a driving licence;
• Enrolling children in kindergartens managed by the Municipality;
• Accessing assistance from Job Centres.

On the other hand, as a general rule, registering residency in Italy also implies becoming an Italian tax resident.

Main requirements to apply for the registration of residency:

• Having a valid residence permit, having applied for its renewal or having applied for citizenship iure sanguinis,
• Having a fiscal code;
• Original documents evidencing marital status and family composition;
• Having accommodation (e.g. rental agreement, declaration of hospitality by someone legally residing in Italy; ownership of a house; being accommodated in a reception centre for asylum seekers);
• Having a valid identity document;
• Having in Italy most of your personal interests and spend in Italy more than half a year (more than 183 days per year).

Main Procedural Steps

1. Collecting all the relevant documents;
2. Filing and submitting the residence registration application at the competent Municipality;
3. Issuance of the residence certificate by competent Municipality;

Duration of the registration of residency

With the exception of foreign nationals who hold a long-term residence permit, all others have to reconfirm their residency in Italy upon renewal of their residence permit.

Time Frame

The average time frame to obtain the registration of residency is between 2 to 5 months from the application.