Who is eligible to register with the Italian Healthcare?

All EU nationals legally residing in Italy for more than 3 months can register with the enrol in Italian Healthcare and benefit from public health services.
There are two main types of registration: voluntary and mandatory. Depending on the applicant’s specific situation, one of the two is applicable.

Mandatory Registration
Mandatory registration is free of charge, and it is applicable to the following categories of EU nationals:
1. EU nationals working in Italy (either as an employee or as free-lance) and their family members;
2. EU nationals who are family members of an Italian citizen;
3. EU nationals unintentionally unemployed and included in the registers for jobseekers;
4. EU nationals enrolled in vocational training in Italy;
5. EU nationals who are victims of human trafficking or slavery (enrolled in special protection programs).
6. EU national seasonal workers whose stay in Italy is shorter than or equal to three months.

Voluntary Registration
Voluntary registration requires the payment of a fee that is calculated based on the applicant’s income. The minimum fee is around EUR 400.00 per year.
Voluntary registration is applicable to EU nationals who do not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories of people entitled to mandatory registration.

Duration of the Registration

The mandatory registration with the Italian healthcare has an indefinite duration, with the only exception of those included in the registers for jobseekers who have worked in Italy for less than a year.
The voluntary registration with the Italian healthcare, on the contrary, has to be renewed every calendar year.

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