The 2018 edition of the “Statistical Dossier Immigration”, created by the Idos Study and Research Center presented on October 25th 2018, once again denies the belief that Italy is a country and invaded by immigrants. According to a recent survey by the Cattaneo Institute, we are the European citizens with the more ‘far from reality’ perception regarding the number of foreigners living in the country, estimated more than double those present.

In Italy there are 5 million and 333 thousand foreigners present, with an incidence on the population equal to 8.5%, 26 thousand less compared to 2016.

In Europe, where foreign citizens are 38.6 million (of which 21.6 non-EU citizens) and account for 7.5% of the total population, Italy is not the country with the highest number of immigrants: we come later Germany, which has 9.2 million, and the United Kingdom, with 6.1 million, while we are just slightly ahead of France (4.6 million) and Spain (4.4).

The immigrants residing in Italy come from almost 200 different countries of the world. The Romanians are considered by far the most numerous collectivity (one million and 190 thousand, equal to 23.1% of all foreign residents), followed by Albanians (440 thousand and 8.6%), Moroccans (417 thousand and 8.1%), Chinese (291 thousand and 5.7%) and Ukrainians (237 thousand and 4.6%).

These first 5 collectivities cover half (50.1%) of the entire foreigners present in Italy, while the first ten (including the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Moldavia and Egypt) arrive a little less than two thirds.