What is a transit VISA?

If you are a third- country national, this VISA allows you to transit the territory of the contracting parties during a travel from a Third-Country to another. This is issued under the condition that your entrance in the Country of your final destination is granted and that you are obliged to transit in the territory of the other contracting parties.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to submit your application you need to consider that:

  • The transit VISA is issued under the fulfilment of the minimum requirements established also for a short- term touristic VISA.
  • Another requirement is the possession, where needed, of VISA to enter in the Country of you final destination. This requirement can be essential for third-country seaman workers who want to board or to get off the Italian or foreign ships, in an Italian harbour or in harbours which are in the Schengen area, if the Italian Port Authority confirm their presence.