visa documents needed

To obtain your business VISA, you need to submit supporting documents to prove:

  1. your condition as a commercial and economic worker: in this case you need to demonstrate a link between the purpose of your business stay and your commercial, economic or professional activity;
  2. the purpose of your stay: you need to submit documents to justify the link between your stay and the implementation of your economic and commercial interest;
  3. the possession of sufficient means of subsitance;
  4. A proof of your accommodation, such as a hotel receipt or a declaration of hospitality made by an EU citizen or by a third-country national legally resident in Italy;
  5. A health insurance;
  6. invitation letter from a society or a physical person or public authority to take part to commercial or professional events. The letter must indicate:
    • Your general information and the general information of the person who invites you. The letter of invitation shall be addressed to one person only, but it can also be addressed to more than one person, being part of the same operation;
    • The service or business relationship between the two people;
    • Supporting documents in order to justify the purpose of your stay (for instance: contracts, receipt payments, tickets for events or congress), supporting documents in order to justify your business activity, supporting documents in order to justify your current job in your residency country;
  7. supporting documents in order to verify your will to leave the MS territory before the VISA expiry, to prove that there is not a migratory risk, such as:
    • Return tickets receipt, hotel receipt for the intended stay;
    • Sufficient means of subsistence in your residency country;
    • Your job documents;
    • A proof of a real estate property;
    • A proof of integration in your residence country (for instance: your family, your job situation).