Visa for religion reasons

What is a VISA for religious reasons?

If you are a religious authority this VISA allows you to enter in Italy for a short or long term stay, to take part to religious event or activities or to carry out their work.

Who can apply for it?

This kind of Visa is addressed to third-country nationals who are religious authorities to take part to religious events or activities or to carry out their work.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to apply you must:

  • To prove your effective condition as a religious authority, or as a religion ministry in your own organization;
  • A certification justifying the religious reasons of the events or the activities which are the purpose of your stay;
  • An accommodation receipt or proof of economic means to cover accommodation costs, if the religious organization or authority does not cover your accommodation costs;
  • A medical insurance;
  • Nulla Osta (Non-Impediment certification) issued by the Home Affairs Ministry, after verified the nature of the religious association complying with the Italian law or the association which operates in Italy but it is not legally recognised or is not part of the religions which have made agreements with Italy.

How long will the Visa be valid?

This Visa has a validity of 365 days with multiple entrances and it allows you to apply for the Italian residence permit.

How can I apply for it?

In order to apply for a National Italian Visa, you must take an appointment with the Italian Embassy in your Country of residence and be present in person. The day of the appointment you will need to submit the above-mentioned documents in order to apply.

How can I apply for the Electronic Residence Permit, once I have got my Visa?

You can request the release of the corresponding electronic residence permit within 8 days from your first entrance in Italy with your yearly multiple entrance Visa, presenting yourself in person to the competent post-office.

In that occasion you must have:

  • an identity card;
  • the filled postal-kit with the payment of tax issuance;
  • a copy of the security clearance (Nulla Osta) to enter in Italy;
  • a copy of your Visa;
  • the whole passport.

The competent desk will issue a receipt with the data of the first appointment to the competent police Headquarters, for your personal appearance and the fingerprints. After this appointment, the police headquarters will contact you for the withdraw of your electronic permit card.

How long will my first Residence Permit be valid?

Its duration may depend from the duration of the event or activities which are the purpose of your stay.

Can I renew my Residence Permit?

Yes, it can be renew it depending on the duration of your mission.

How many times I need to renew my permit before applying for the Italian Permanent Residence Permit?

You can apply for your EC long-term residence permit after 5 years of continuous residence in Italy, without considering your long term stay permit and its conversion, if any.

How can I apply for a permanent Residence Permit?

As for the current law provisions, after 5 years of legal stay in Italy, you can request a permanent residence permit (i.e. EC residence permit for long term residents).

The permanent residence permit has no expiry date; it must not be renewed but only updated. It assigns the third-country nationals the right to enter Italy without a Visa, and it is not related to any investment or donation made in the past. You can apply for the permanent resident permit if you are a third-country national who:

  • are legally staying in Italy for at least 5 years;
  • are holder of a valid temporary residence permit;
  • have an annual income from legitimate sources equal, at least, to the amount established yearly by governmental authorities (5.889,00 € for 2018);
  • pass an Italian language test.