Italy decreto flussi 2023

On October 3, 2023, the Italian government published the new Immigration Decree 2023-2025, which sets the number and types of work permits that can be issued in the next three years. The decree also introduces a number of important changes to the Italian immigration system, including:

  • A three-year forecast of quotas, instead of an annual one.
  • New quotas for self-employed workers in specific categories
  • New quotas for non-seasonal employed workers in the family and socio-health care sector.
  • The possibility to convert residence permits for study/training purposes into residence permits for employment purposes outside the quota limits.
  • The decree also provides for supplementary Decrees to be adopted by the government during the three-year period, through which it could provide for additional quotas.

The decree is a step towards addressing the labor shortage in Italy and facilitating the integration of foreign workers into Italian society. However, it is important to note that the quotas provided for in the decree are still not enough to meet the identified need.

Please read the page dedicated to the Flow Decree for more complete information.

Being an Italian Law Firm, we do not offer services of job placement or similar activities. We can only assist employers or workers who already have an employer in Italy willing to sponsor their visa. Please inform us about your availability if interested.


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