Who is eligible to apply for an identity card?

The Italian Electronic Identity Card (Cie) can be obtained by Italian citizens resident in Italy or abroad, and by any foreign citizen with registered residency at a given Italian Municipality. The electronic ID card identifies a person before any Italian and European authority or administration and it allows access to online public services.

Main Procedural Steps

  1. Collecting all needed documents for the application;
  2. Filing the Electronic Identity Card (Cie) application at the Italian Municipality of the applicant’s place of residency or Consulate;
  3. Issuance of the Electronic Identity Card (Cie).

Scope of our Assistance

Our assistance includes the following activities (full assistance up until the issuance of the identity card):

  • Preliminary advice on how to obtain the Electronic Identity Card;
  • Guidance and advice to collect all relevant documents;
  • Booking an appointment for the Client;
  • Assistance with the submission of the application;
  • Drafting the necessary power of attorney for any communication with the competent authority;
  • In-person assistance if the client resides in Milan and surroundings, if useful. Remote assistance in the alternative case;
  • Providing our office’s address as a domicile for the reception of the card (if needed);
  • Establishing contact with all public stakeholders involved in the afore-mentioned procedures to solve potential issues, overcome obstacles and promote a positive outcome of the applications.

Time Frame

The average time frame to obtain the Electronic Identity Card (Cie) is approximately 2 weeks from the day of the application.

Get in touch

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