Visa Types

Option 1: 1-year term National Visa (D) for artistic or technical personnel with to be employed by an Italian entity;
Option 2: 1-year term National Visa (D) or a short-term Schengen Visa (C) for famous or widely known artists in the artistic or show business with professional assignment/s for self-employment in Italy.

Who is eligible to apply for an Artist Visa and Residence permit?

1) Within the 1st option of National Visa for employment, the artists eligible to apply are the following:

  1. Artistic or technical personnel currently employed in circuses or travelling shows abroad;
  2. Artistic or technical personnel currently employed in opera, theatre, concert or ballet shows;
  3. Dancers, artists, musicians to be employed in entertainment venues;
  4. Artists to be employed by theatre or cinema music organizations, by radio or television enterprises, either public or private, or by public agencies as part of cultural or folkloric events.

Together with the job offer, artists should hold a certificate proving their professional qualification issued by a state school or public or other equal institution in the applicant’s State of residence. The certificate should be validated by the competent Italian consulate;
For workers employed by circuses or travelling shows abroad, the qualification certification may also be issued by the artist’s employer, provided that it is validated by the Italian Consulate or the Italian National Circus Association.

2) Within the 2nd option for Self-employment Visa, artists eligible to apply are:

  1. Famous or well-known and highly-qualified artists;
  2. Artists employed by renowned theatres, Italian television “RAI” channels, well-known private or public television stations.

Artists will need to prove their reputation or notoriety, or their professional engagement with one of the entities mentioned under point 2, as well as the proposal for a free-lance assignment as a from an Italian entity.

Validity of the Artist Residence Permit

In case of work in Italy for a period not exceeding 90 days, only a Schengen Visa (C) will be issued and the artist won’t need to apply for a residence permit.
In case of work in Italy for a period longer than 90 days, a National Visa (D) will be issued and it will be necessary to apply for a residence permit.

The first residence permit for Artists has a maximum duration of one year.
The residence permit for Artists with an employment contract (Option 1) is extendable for an additional 12 months of work, provided that the foreigner continues to work with the same employer.Applicants employed at entertainment venues may apply for an extension of the Residence Permit only if there are proven needs to allow the show for which the first Certificate of No Impediment was requested to close.
The Residence Permit for Artists with self-employment (Option 2) is renewable every 2 years with no limitation.

Time Frame
The expected time frame to obtain the Artist Visa allowing the applicant to enter Italy is approximately 2/3 months as of the Visa or Certificate of No Impediment application.