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Italian visa is a division of the Italian leading law firm Lexia Avvocati specialised in providing immigration services to Italy, including assistance for the obtaining of an Italian visa, residence permit or citizenship.

If you still don’t know what VISA you can get yet or if you want to know if you are eligible to be acknoledged as Italian based on your Italian ancestry, take our assessments:

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Apply for short and long term Italian visas and request your residence permit. Check out family unity options, student visas conversion and litigation services.

Italian citizenship

Request your Italian Citizenship based on residency, ancestry, marriage, declaration of will and citizenship re-acquisition.

International protection

Check out the requirements to apply for international protection and contact us to submit the request.

Immigration to Italy: a wide-range of legal immigration consultancy services to meet your needs

Distinctive beauty, new lifestyle opportunities, different experiences: we can’t list everything Italy has to offer. We’re here to let you come and see with your own eyes. Do you have italian ancestors and looking for italian citizenship? Are you planning to move due to family reunions, work, seasonal job or because you’re a digital nomad freelancer? Our team of immigration laywers are here to guide you in analyzing all the requirements and get your visa, residency or citizenship according to your specific situation and need.

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What is the difference between family cohesion and family reunification?

Family Reunification: definition and procedure The Family Reunification procedure is designed for non-EU citizens who wish to relocate to Italy to live with a close family member who is also a non-EU citizen but he/she is already legally residing in Italy.The family Reunification procedure entails 3 subsequent steps:Application for the C...

Breakdown on Proof of available accommodation for the application for an Italian Residence Permit

In order to obtain a residence permit in Italy, a foreign citizen has to prove the availability of accommodation.What is sufficient proof is not a simple question to answer and it is a headscratcher for many foreigners relocating to Italy for the first time. Let’s try to shed some clarity on the issue.In general terms, there are several w...

The new 2023 Flow Decree has been released

The Italian Government announced the number, nationalities and professional profiles of non-eu nationals that can enter in Italy for working reasons according to the 2023 so-called Flow Decree. Specifically, the quota set is 82,705 workers, broken down by country of origin and type and sector of employment. What is the Flow Decree (decreto flussi)...

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