When one has to renew their expiring residence permit?

The application for the renewal should be submitted before the expiration of the expiring residence permit, up to 90 days before the expiry date. However, renewal applications are accepted until 60 days from the expiry date.

Who can renew the residence permit?

Generally speaking, one can renew their residence permit when one still meets the requirements for the first issuance of the permit. For instance, if the residence permit was issued based on employment with an Italian Company, the applicant will have to prove he has received a salary from the Company and that the Company has paid related social contributions and taxes. In the alternative, if one meets the requirement for another type of permit, he/she can often apply for the conversion of the residence permit into another type. In any case, proof of stable available accommodation (hospitality, rental agreement or property) is always required. Our immigration & Global Mobility Legal Team can assist you with any of the 2 procedures, considering the best option given your specific circumstances.

Scope of Assistance

  • Preliminary legal guidance and advice;
  • Preparation of the relevant documentation to support the renewal/conversion application;
  • Preparation of the renewal/conversion application forms;
  • Advice and Guidance for the submission of the application;
  • Advice and Guidance for the appointment with the Police, the submission of original documentation and the fingerprint process.
  • Advice and Guidance for the collection of the residence permit.

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