What are the main conditions under which a foreign national can obtain Italian citizenship?

The main conditions are the following:

  • Having Italian ancestry (parents or ancestors).
  • Being married to an Italian citizen (gay marriage or civil union is accepted). In case of marriage with an Italian citizen, the citizenship application will be possible after three years from the wedding date if the couple resides abroad, two years in case of residency in Italy. These requirements are halved in case of minor children.
  • Having resided legally in Italy for a continuous period of time. Most commonly, the period of continuous residency in Italy requested to obtain Italian citizenship through residency is 4 years for nationals of an EU Member State and 10 years for non-EU nationals.
  • Having been employed by the Italian State for at least 5 years.

Types of citizenships

If you believe that you may meet the requirements for one of the afore-mentioned ways to obtain Italian citizenship, do not hesitate to write to us and we will provide you with further information and preliminary counselling. Get in touch!

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