Who can apply for an Italian passport?

The issuance of an Italian passport may be requested by any person who is already recognized as an Italian citizen.

Main requirements to apply for an Italian passport (must fulfil one of the following):

  • Be already recognized as an Italian citizen with residence registered with an Italian municipality or registered with AIRE (as an Italian resident abroad);
  • Have an expiring or expired Italian passport;
  • Have an expiring or expired identity card where Italian citizenship is indicated;
  • Have an Italian birth certificate where at least one parent is Italian;
  • For minors, both parents’ authorization; for parents of a minor, the other parent’s authorization.

Competent Authorities Responsible for Issuing Italian Passport.

Competent Questura in the municipality of residence or Italian Consulate in the applicant’s country of foreign residence.

Main Procedural Steps

  1. Collection of relevant documentation;
  2. Request an appointment through the State Police web portal or Consular web portal;
  3. In-person delivery of the passport application and original documentation to the competent authority (State Police Headquarters or Consulate) by the applicant;
  4. Collection of passport.

Scope of our Assistance

Our assistance includes the following activities (full assistance up until the issuance of the passport):

  • Preliminary legal analysis and advice on how to obtain an Italian passport;
  • Guidance and advice on how to prepare and collect all relevant documents, the passport application and all necessary forms;
  • Assistance in applying for an Italian passport;
  • Establishing contact with all public stakeholders involved in the afore-mentioned procedures to solve potential issues, overcome obstacles and promote a positive outcome of the applications.

Validity of the Italian passport

The Italian passport has a duration of 10 years. At the end of this period, it is necessary to apply for a new passport. In case of loss, you can apply for a new passport at any time.

Time Frame

On average, it takes between 15 to 30 days from the day of the appointment with the Competent Authority to obtain an Italian passport.

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