Who can apply for the refugee status in Italy?

According to the Geneva Convention, the request for the international protection in Italy can be done by any third-country national who has been persecuted for religion, raze, ethnical, or political reasons or who is likely to be persecuted in case he/she comes back in his/her Country of origin.

How can I apply for it?

You must apply to the Police Headquarter at the Italian border, when you arrive for the first time. Otherwise you can apply to the territorial competent Police Headquarter, if there is not a Police Headquarter at the Italian border.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to apply you must fulfil the related form which the Police Headquarter will give you. There you must write:

  • The reasons why you are applying for the refugee status;
  • All the information and documents you have in order to demonstrate your situation;
  • You must also attach a copy of your identity documents, if you have one, or give your personal information and indicate a domicile address, where you can be contacted.

The Police will issue a copy both of your request and of your documentation and will provide to take you photos.

The Police Headquarter will immediately forward your application to the Territorial Committee competent to decide on your refugee status request. Then the Police Headquarter will communicate you the date of the appointment with the Committee and you must be there in person. The audition in front of the Committee is very important, because in that occasion it will evaluate your situation. Otherwise the Committee will decide on your case only basing on your application and on the documents that you submitted.

What are the outcomes of the Committee decision?

Basing on your case, the Committee can:

  • Recognise your refugee status;
  • Reject your application, but ask to the Police Headquarter to issue a special resident permit in Italy for international protection, basing on an actual danger for you to be repatriated. This kind of permit is valid for a maximum of one year and allows you to work;
  • Reject your application and you will be asked to the Police to leave the country.

What happens if the Committee recognise my refugee status?

In case of positive result, the Committee will recognise your refugee status and will issue a card stating that status. Together with it, the Police will issue a personal certification which allows you to travel abroad and to come back to Italy for a maximum of 90 days. The duration of the certification is the same of a resident permit. If you want to stay abroad more than 90 days, you should apply for the relative visa at the competent diplomatic authority of the Country where you intent to stay. Then, you will need to ask for a transfer of responsibility in the Country where you intent to go.

Can I apply for an Italian residence permit?

Yes, you can. In fact, these documents allow you to ask for your identity documents to the Municipality where you established your Italian residence and then it will be also issued a residence permit valid for up to two years.