Who is eligible to apply for an Italian Elective Residence visa and permit?

The Elective Residence visa is specifically conceived for foreigners who intend to resettle in Italy, who are not interested in working and who can live on a passive income not deriving from work activities.

Main Procedural Steps:

  1. Complete the visa application at the Italian Consulate of the applicant’s place of residency;
  2. Enter in Italy and apply for the Residence Permit at the competent Police headquarter within 8 days;
  3. Register the applicant’s Fingerprints at the Police headquarter.

The main requirements to apply for an Elective Residence visa and permit 

• The applicant should have the availability of continuous and stable financial resources of at least EUR 32.000,00 gross yearly not deriving from work activities (e.g. pensions, dividends, rents, investments). In case of a spouse or children as accompanying family members, the passive income required should be increased by 100% for the spouse and 20% for each child (based on the legal interpretation of the most restrictive Consulates);
• The applicant should have suitable accommodation in Italy (rental agreement of at least 1 year or property), to be registered as their address of residency.
• The applicant should have private health insurance valid in Italy for at least 1 year from their first entry into the national territory.
• The applicant should establish in Italy their civil and tax residency (Italy should become the primary place of life).

Validity of the Elective Residence permit in Italy

The Elective Residence permit has a maximum validity of 1 year, renewable with no limitations every 2 years.
The residence permit is renewable under the same substantive conditions for the 1st issuance, as long as the foreign national registers civil and tax residency in Italy.
The applicant can renew the residence permit on their own or be assisted by us.
After 5 years of continuous registered legal residency in Italy, the applicant is eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.

Time Frame

The expected time frame to obtain the Elective Residence visa is approximately 2 or 3 months as of the date the applicant provides us with all relevant information and documentation. Once the applicant obtains the visa, they can travel to Italy, submit or the election residence permit application and reside there legally.

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