General information about the refusal of the request of naturalization

Foreign citizens residing in Italy can apply for Italian citizenship that will be granted by a special Decree of the President of the Republic, on the proposal of the Internal Affairs Minister. The application for citizenship must be submitted to the Prefecture in the Municipality of residence. For residents abroad, they can apply to the competent Italian diplomatic-consular authority. The Administration has a discretionary power for the evaluation of the documents submitted. In this case, the refusal can be determined not only by reasons relating to the security of the Republic, but also by the lack of legal residency period, insufficiency of income deriving from the family, presence of criminal records, insufficient level of integration and lack of knowledge of the Italian language .

How can I appeal against the refusal of my Italian citizenship request and which is the competent Court?

In case of rejection of the application for naturalization or silence or non-compliance with the Public Administration, it will be possible to appeal to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR), if the request has been sent by more than 730 days. It is important to keep in mind that before receiving the notification of the refusal, the law obliges the competent administration to communicate a rejection notice containing the reasons preventing your application.

Following this notice, you can present a supplementary statement in order to argue your request and the correctness of the documentation produced. The lack of said notice can represent a reason for the acceptation of your appeal.


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