Who is eligible to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa and Residence Permit?

All non-EU citizens who meet the three following subjective requirements:

  • they carry out working activities by using technology tools allowing them to work remotely;
  • they are self-employed workers, collaborators, or employees of a company with headquarters abroad or in Italy.
  • they are highly skilled according to Italian Immigration Law, as they fulfil one of the following 4 requirements:
  • Holding a University Degree or working experiences of several years in a field that requires technical/specialized knowledge and the execution of non-manual tasks;
  • Having at least five years of professional experience with a level of qualification comparable to the one of a graduate and relevant to the work activities to be carried out in Italy;
  • Having at least three years of relevant professional experience acquired within the seven years prior to the date of the Visa application. This option is however viable only for Managers and Specialists in the field of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Holding professional qualifications obtained in other EU countries that qualify them to carry out a “regulated” profession in Italy (such as engineers, architects and any other profession can only be carried after obtaining a specific license).

Additional requirements to request the Digital Nomad Visa?

  • A minimum yearly gross income higher than € 26,000;
  • Work experience of at least 6 months within the field of the specific working activity that will be carried out in Italy;
  • Being in possession of valid health insurance covering the entire period of stay in Italy (not longer than 12 months). The health insurance must cover all types of necessary medical expenses or hospitalizations during the stay in Italy;
  • Being in possession of suitable accommodation for entry into Italy, such as a hotel reservation or a lease agreement;
  • Employees and workers with a continuous professional collaboration contract with the same company must submit the employment or collaboration contract or the binding job offer signed by both parties;
  • A statement signed by the employer (in case of an employee) or by the contractor (in case of a self-employed worker), declaring the absence, in the previous 5 years, of criminal charges against him/herself related to a) aiding and abetting illegal immigration, b) exploitation of prostitution or trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation, c) exploitation of labour.

Main Procedural Steps

  1. Filing the Visa application at the Italian Consulate;
  2. Entering Italy and applying for the residence permit at the competent Police Headquarters within the first 8 days;
  3. Registration of the applicant’s fingerprints at the Police headquarters and submission of the relevant original documentation;
  4. Issuance of the residence permit.

Validity of the Residence Permit

The first residence permit has a maximum duration of 1 year and allows the holder to stay continuously on the Italian territory.
The residence permit can be renewed for unlimited times as long as the applicant meets the same initial requirements, such as the minimum income, doing highly skilled work and holding health insurance. Given the absence of any contrary provision, the change of employer or contractor/s during the stay in Italy is allowed.
After 5 years of continuous residency in Italy, the non-EU citizen can apply for permanent residency.

Time Frame

The expected time frame to obtain the Digital Nomad Visa is between 1 to 3 months from the application, depending on the competent Consulate.

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