How can I come to Italy as family member of an Eu citizen?

As family member of an EU citizen, even though you are not an EU citizen, you will just need to apply for a short-term Visa for Italy and then request the Italian residence card as family member of an EU citizen.

The card can be requested only if the family member of the EU citizen is either:

  • Spouse, or;
  • Dependent children with less than 21 years, or;
  • Dependant direct ascendant, or;
  • Any other family member, if economically dependent and cohabitant with the EU citizen.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to apply, you will need:

  • Copy of your passport and your entry visa for Italy;
  • Documentation attesting the family relationship with the EU citizen, issued by the competent authority abroad;
  • Certification of residence of the EU citizen and family status;
  • Your certificate of residence registration.

Where do I need to apply?

You will need to request the Italian residence card by presenting the request directly to the competent Police Headquarters.

How long will my residence card last?

The residence card will have a validity of 5 years, renewable.


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