Who is eligible to apply for a ‘family cohesion’?

The ‘family cohesion’ procedure is specifically conceived for Italian or Eu Citizen already legally residing in Italy, and their family member/s already legally staying on in the national territory.
For the purpose of family cohesion, the following family members are considered eligible:
• spouse, partner of a civil union (registered gay partnership), partner of a registered cohabitation;
• the EU citizen or their spouse’s descendants minor than 21 or economically dependent;
• the EU citizen and their spouse’s parents if economically dependent;
• Parent of the minor legally residing in Italy;

Main Procedural Steps

1. Registration of residency of the Italian or Eu citizen (if not already registered);
2. Preparation of the necessary documentation;
3. Application for a residence permit as a family member;

Validity of the residence permit for family members

The residence permit issued to family members of an EU or Italian citizen is a long-term residence permit with a 5-year validity; and it is easily renewable as long as the family relationship is still existing.
The residence permit for family reasons allows the foreign national to perform work activities in Italy.

Time Frame

The expected time frame to obtain the residence permit for family members is 2 months from the application date.

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