Our Mission

italianvisa.it is an informative website on Italian Immigration and Citizenship Law, belonging to Lexia, an Italian Law Firm with offices in Milan, Rome and Palermo.

Italian Visa intends to provide reliable, accurate and free information on all Visas, Residence Permits and Citizenship applications, including their substantive requirements as well as their procedural phases.

This initiative adopts a meticulous legal approach, ensuring that all published information is derived from thorough analyses of the pertinent regulatory frameworks.
We recognize that individuals relocating from their home country to another state often encounter challenges due to the absence of a reliable support network, limited familiarity with the destination, and the potential risks associated with misinformation, scams, and misleading marketing content prevalent online.

Our mission is to put all our readers in the position to protect themselves from the above pitfalls and offer them the means to overcome all obstacles in their integration into a new cultural, social and legal context.

We want to make their journey a long-lasting, exciting and successful adventure.

Atty. Pietro Derossi,
Head of the Global Mobility & Immigration Team at Lexia
Editor of Italian Visa

LEXIA Pro Bono

Promoting also a social role of the legal profession, Lexia Avvocati offers free legal assistance to foreign citizens seeking international protection in Italy due to a danger to their life and physical integrity in their country of origin or due to their experience of human trafficking to Italy.

These services are provided to a few foreigners selected yearly based on eligibility and seriousness criteria, in collaboration with local NGOs.

This project is run by the Atty. Marylanda Abdullaj, a lawyer member of the Global Mobility & Immigration Team at Lexia.

Our Team


pietro derossi lexia

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Pietro Derossi (Counsel)

Pietro has been an associate Lawyer at Lexia Since 2021, and he has become the Head of the Global Mobility & Immigration Team in 2022.
Pietro is registered with the Milan Bar Association. He possesses a 360’ range experience in the field of Immigration Law, Italian Citizenship and International Protection. And he provides legal assistance to companies and people for the obtaining of any type of visa and residence permit, including but not limited to those for highly qualified employment, intra-company transfer, investment, elective residency, innovative start-up, free-lance work, family unity, etc.
He has a noteworthy track record in applications for Italian citizenship, both via administrative and judicial proceedings, and he represents Italian and foreign citizens in civil and administrative judicial litigations against the Italian Public Administration to defend and promote the right to citizenship, family unity and residency in Italy.
He graduated from Law School with distinctions and honourable mention at the University of Turin, he has published numerous research articles in the field of Italian and European Immigration Law and he is the Editor of italianvisa.it.
He is an Italian native speaker and he is fluent in Italian.

Maria Cherubini lexia

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Maria Cherubini (Associate)

Maria graduated in Law from the Bocconi University in Milan, with a thesis about the role played by migrant workers at the international level.
During her academic experience, she has participated in several internships including one at the Prefecture of Milan for the recognition of International Protection during which she had the opportunity to learn the procedures necessary to obtain the various types of international protection.
Before starting her collaboration with Lexia Avvocati, she gained experience in a leading international firm in Milan in the field of labour and immigration law.
At Lexia, she has gained extensive expertise in Corporate Immigration Law by assisting Italian and foreign companies to hire and second highly skilled employees across borders.
She is an Italian native speaker, she is fluent in English and she has basic knowledge of French.

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[email protected]

Achraf Fadhel (Associate)

Achraf obtained his Master’s Degree in Law from Bocconi University, discussing a thesis titled “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from an International Criminal Law Perspective.” At Lexia he assists individuals in the procedures for acquisition of Italian Citizenship and Italian Companies interested in the issuing of Visas and residence permits for highly qualified non-European workers. He speaks Italian, English, Arabic and has an intermediate knowledge of French.

claudia elli lexia

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Claudia Elli (Paralegal)

Claudia graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Rights at the University of Padua, Italy.She then pursued a Master in Reception and Inclusion of non-EU citizens at the University of Roma Tre, and the high-level course for Legal Workers promoted by ASGI – Association for Legal Studies on Migration. As a Paralegal in the Global Mobility & Immigration Department, she assists foreign clients of the firm in administrative procedures for inclusion and integration in Italy: registration with the national health service and civil residency, school placement of minors, conversion of foreign driving licenses in Italy. She speaks fluently Italian, English, Spanish and French.