• Preliminary legal analysis and advice on the options to obtain an Italian Visa and Residence Permit;
  • Application for an Italian tax code on behalf of the entrepreneur;
  • Guidance and advice for the preparation of the requested documentation to demonstrate the availability of sufficient and legitimate resources, the innovative nature of the business project, and suitable professional profile of the entrepreneur;
  • Application for and collection of the Security Clearance (Nulla Osta) at the competent Immigration Desk;
  • Guidance and advice for the Visa application before the competent Consulate, and for the preparation of the relevant documentation;
  • Assistance to apply for the Italian Residence Permit;
  • Establishing contact with all public stakeholders involved in the aforementioned procedures to solve potential issues, overcome obstacles and promote a positive outcome of the applications;
  • Guidance and advice to ensure the possibility to renew the residence permit obtained.