Visa for medical treatment
What is a VISA for medical treatment?

If you are a third-country national who needs a medical treatment in an Italian public or private certified medical institute, this VISA allows you to enter in Italy for a short or long term stay, for health reasons.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to submit your application you need:

  • A medical certification, issued by an Italian private or public certified medical institute, or by a third-country public or private certified medical institute, with its Italian translation, stating your pathology;
  • A declaration issued by the above-mentioned Italian hospital (which is recognised by the National Health Service) indicating your medical treatment, the date when it started, its duration and its estimated cost;
  • A declaration from the above-mentioned Italian hospital, stating the payment of at least 30% of the operation cost, or a specific regional decision or a specific authorization issued by the Ministry of Health relating to an humanitarian programme;
  • Supporting documents stating the possession of sufficient economic means in order to pay the rest of the medical cost, the accommodation out of the medical institute, and sufficient economic means for you and the person who travels with you, if any, to come back in your country of origin;
  • A medical insurance for the person who travels with you only, if any, with a minimum budget of 30.000 €, covering all the necessary costs for an urgent hospitalization and the costs for a return;
  • Receipt of your return tickets or a proof of personal means of transport, also for the person who travels with you, if any;
  • In some cases it is possible to integrate the supporting documents with a medical certificate, issued by a doctor appointed by the Consulate or by an Italian or a third-country medical institute, stating that the necessary medical treatment are not available in your country of origin.