The Flows Decree is a measure by which the Italian Government establishes each year the entry quotas for non-EU citizens who may enter in Italy for employment, self-employment and seasonal work.

Privileged quotas are usually provided for citizens of States that have signed readmission agreements with Italy and for citizens of Italian origin registered on special lists held at all Italian diplomatic or consular representations abroad.

The number and kind of quotas may change every year, but there are some quotas specifically referred to a fix kind of Visas, such as:

  • Self-employment Visas:
  • Employment Visas:
    • Seasonal work Visa;
    • Employment Visa for foreign workers having Italian origins residing in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela);
    • Employment Visa for domestic foreign workers having Italian origins residing in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela);
    • Employment Visa for foreign workers enrolled in special projects.
  • Conversion of permits:
    • Conversion of seasonal work Permit into an employment Permit;
    • Conversion of a study Permit or trainee Permit into an employment Permit or a self-employment Permit;
    • Conversion of Permanent Permit issued by another Member State.

As a Law Firm, we can assist you in order to apply for one of the above-mentioned Italian National Visa.

Our assistance includes the following services:

  • Personalized consultancy on the best Visa type for your case;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents for your application;
  • Assistance in searching of a suitable job offer;
  • Communication with your potential employer;
  • Assistance to your employer in the presentation of your work clearance request (Nulla Osta);
  • Constant updating about the issuing of the Flows Decree (Decreto Flussi);
  • Upon publication of the Decree, immediate forwarding of the Decree’s text translated into English and complete consultancy to you and your employer for the comprehension and the verification of the existence of the necessary requirements for the work clearance request (Nulla Osta);
  • Preparation of the work clearance request that will be presented upon the 7th of 15th day after the Flows’Decree official publication or starting from the day indicated by the Decree itself, upon exhaustion of the the available quotas or upon the 31st of December 2021;
  • Full Assistance in the Visa and Residence Permit application.

The request of clearance (Nulla Osta) must be submitted starting from the 7th to the 15th day from the issuance of the Decree, depending on the kind of Visa to be applied for.

If you are interested in this offer and would like to have more information to see if you are eligible to apply for an entry quota, please contact us at [email protected]