What is the seasonal work Visa?

The seasonal work permit allows the applicant to perform a seasonal working activity in Italy in the touristic or agricultural sector, within the limits of quota yearly provided by the Italian Government with the Flow Decree (Decreto Flussi).

Who can apply for the seasonal work Visa?

Applicants who have a job offer from an Italian employer and who come from one of the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Korea (Republic of Korea), Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, India, Kosovo, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia, Sri-Lanka, Sudan, Ukraine, Tunisia, Japan.

Which benefits does it have?

For those who have already worked in Italy on the basis of a seasonal work permit for at least 1 year in the previous 5-year period and have respected the time limits for their permanence on the national territory, it is possible to request a multi-year Security Clereance for work (Nulla Osta), which allows the employee, upon call from the employer, to come to Italy at every time of the year without having to wait for the availability of a quota.

How can I apply for it?

The application to obtain this type of visa must be submitted at the Italian competent Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to apply, the following documents are required:

  • Employment contract proposal from an Italian employer;

  • Proof of a suitable accommodation in Italy;

  • Valid passport.

How can I apply for the Electronic Residence Permit, once I have got my seasonal work Visa?

You must request the release of the corresponding electronic residence permit within 8 days from your entrance in Italy with your visa, presenting yourself in person to the competent post-office.

In that occasion you must have:

  • an identity card;

  • the completed postal-kit with the payment of tax issuance;

  • a copy of the security clearance (Nulla Osta) to your entrance in Italy;

  • a copy of your Visa;

  • the whole passport.

The competent desk will issue a receipt with the data of the first appointment to the competent police Headquarters, for your personal appearance and the fingerprints. After this appointment, the police headquarters will contact you for the withdraw of your electronic permit card.

How long will my first Residence Permit be valid?

It will have a maximum validity of 9 months in one year, extendible directly in Italy up to its maximum validity.

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