digital nomad visa italy delay

A new era of digital nomads seemed to be on the way and able to refresh the elderly Italian Population.

The implementing decree that would make this new type of Visa a concrete possibility was supposed to be issued in 30 days from the enactment of the Law n. 25, 28 March 2022.

After 5 months, we are still waiting for the Law to be implemented by the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of labour policies.

They must not have found a common view yet. And they probably will not do so for some time, considering the recent dismissal of the Italian Government, the Italian election scheduled for 25 September, and the time it takes for the new elected Parliament to vote for a new Italian Government.

The number of people who are enchanted by the possibility of pursuing the Italian dream while keeping their job is probably big. A lot is at stake, and we can expect only a very united set of Ministers to be capable of finding an agreement on how to give birth to this new revolutionary type of Visa.

The European Parliament has recently urged the European Commission to take action to promote more open immigration policies in order to address the demographic crisis, which risks causing a shortage of sufficient high-skilled workforce in the very near future.

We hope not to be old already when the digital nomad visa becomes real.


Author: Pietro Derossi, Attorney at Lexia Avvocati, expert in Italian and European Immigration Law


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