What is a Visa for sport competitions?

It allows you to enter in Italy for a limited period of time, if you are an athletes, coaches, technical director and team trainer third-county nationals who want to participate or you have been invited to participate to sport competitions organised by National Sport Federations.

Which documents do I need to apply?

In order to submit your application you need:

  • An invitation issued by the C.O.N.I., stating the importance of the competition and  confirming your participation to it, in order to ask the withdraw of your VISA and only to take part to the competitions organised by the National sport Federations or by the Olympic Committee.
  • The possession of sufficient economic means of subsistence;
  • Your medical insurance;
  • For minors only, a certificate signed by their parents or their legal guardian, authorizing them to leave their Country, if they cannot travel with them. This certificate must be submitted to the competent diplomatic authority. This certificate must be submitted according to the law of the residency Country of the minor.
  • Proof of an Italian accommodation (for instance: hotel receipt, declaration of hospitality, a declaration issued by the National Sport Federation to cover the accommodation costs).



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